Local sporting competition is alive and well at St. Patrick’s Allora. Teachers work alongside students in supporting them in the many opportunities that they have to participate in all forms of sport at a local, metropolitan and state level.  Our school’s athletics team has been very successful in recent years both in our team endeavours and at an individual student representation level.

Sport Uniform

​HPE uniform is worn on a Wednesday and Friday.


Sport houses

On enrolment, the children are placed in one of three sport houses – Rynne, Hughes or Lynam. Our sports houses were named after families represented in our heritage listed shrine which commemorates the fallen from World War One. Children compete in these houses during athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals. Children from the same family are placed in the same house.

The ‘St Patrick’s Sporting Creed’ is read at the beginning of each carnival by a family before the baton is passed to the next nominated family. The ‘Shrine’, a heritage listed building on the grounds of St Patrick’s School, was built in 1916 to pay homage to local Allora Families who had lost loved ones during World War 1.

St Patrick’s Sporting Creed

‘Today we battle on the sporting field under the banners of Hughes, Lynam, and Rynne. May we do honor to these families, as well as to the Collins, Morrissey, Dunne and Warfield families whose sons left Allora to fight in World War One and never returned. May we compete in a spirit which shows our respect and gratitude for their sacrifice. We thank them today and always that we can play, learned and grow in a peaceful community.’