Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with your enquiries regarding enrolment at St Patrick's School.

Enrolment will be open to all students whose parents subscribe and commit to the philosophy and mission of the school and for whom the school is able to provide an appropriate education. The Principal will give due consideration when enrolling students that the ethos of a Catholic school will be preserved. 

An Application for Enrolment must be completed before a child will be considered for enrolment. Before an application can be considered, all prospective families must meet with the Principal once the application for enrolment is completed.

Fees & Funding

Download the latest schedule of Fees and Levies via the button above.  Complete the direct debit form and deliver or email it to the school.  ​

The moment parents decide to educate their child at St Patrick’s they enter into, and agree to, the school’s fee arrangements. As a Catholic school our fees are integral to us providing a quality learning and teaching environment.

Families experiencing financial hardship should contact the Principal confidentially to discuss any issues relating to their child’s school fees.