Inclusive Education

St Patrick’s School is an inclusive and caring environment. Our highly professional staff of many years combined experience have educated children of all needs and from all walks of life. In addition to this, our approach to educating children with additional needs is strengthened by collaboration with expert advisory staff from the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office.

Our commitment to Inclusive Education extends to all students including the talent development of all high potential and gifted students in the school.

Learning support

Within the school's staffing schedule is allocation for a part time Learning Support Teacher who provides:

  • Direct support of appropriate assessment, planning, implementation and recording of programs for students either individually, in small groups, on a withdrawal basis or in class settings.
  • Indirect support offered through consultancy with teachers, school support personnel, parents and other agencies.
  • Advice to the Principal with regard to the acquisition, development and provision of suitable resources and programs.
  • Collaborative planning and working with teachers to provide implementation support of those students requiring more individualised support or extension.