The students of St Patrick’s have the opportunity to participate in many additional educational opportunities.

Some activities include:

  •  Arts Council
  •  Science Workshops
  •  Safety Workshops presented by the Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance
  •  Life Education Van Programme
  •  Visiting the Theatre
  •  Maths/English/Writing Competitions
  •  School camps
  •  Excursions.

The cost of these activities is extra to school fees. Every attempt is made to keep the cost of these activities affordable for each family.

Camps & Excursions

Students in Prep to Year 6 will participate in a variety of excursions, which will be closely linked to their studies.

Students in Years 5-6 have the opportunity to attend camp. At the present time, the camps have an alternate theme of coast/bush setting. Our students join with the students from St Francis de Sales Clifton.