St Patrick’s Educational Vision

The school community promotes a friendly family atmosphere, willing to support educational initiatives in the development of further learning opportunities. We understand that individuals develop and learn at different rates, have different learning styles, and experience success in different areas - spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, culturally, and socially. Learning is a life-long journey and all learning opportunities seek to promote the holistic development of each student in becoming the unique person God created them to be.

St Patrick’s School is proud of its small school environment and multi-aged setting. In all circumstances, planning, assessing and reporting addresses the national Australian curriculum and meets strict guidelines mandated by Queensland Syllabus Authority and the Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office. Read more about the Australian Curriculum below:

The Learning Areas are: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Health and Physical Education, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Languages.

The school curriculum is continuously being redeveloped, evaluated and updated in line with educational changes and recommendations from Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office’s Education Officers. Integrating set curriculum with everyday life skills and events within the Catholic context is a priority.

Learning dispositions 


5 B's Strategies