Our Parish Priests support the pastoral role of the school and are regular visitors in our school. Staff and students also visit St Patrick’s Church to celebrate Mass and Liturgies throughout the year.

Parish Masses

Parish masses are celebrated every Sunday at 9.00am. Each term we have a ‘Family Mass’ that students are invited to participate in by reading, singing, carrying in the offertory or other ministries.

Sacramental preparation

The school recognises parents as the first educators in faith. For children wishing to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation for the first time, the family may enrol their child/children in the Parish Sacramental Program. Parents and members of the Parish support the child in readiness for reception of the Sacraments. These groups are conducted outside of school time. The school supports this program by focussing on religious knowledge of the Sacraments during school time when the Parish programs are in progress.

Parish contact details

Parish Office: 63 Warwick Street, Allora

Postal Address: PO Box 23, Allora 4362

Office Telephone: (07) 4666 3377


Parish Clergy: Fr Rod MacGinley, Priest Director

Associate Pastor: Fr Brian Redondo