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St Patrick's School, Allora

Principal:  Mr Keith Blaikie

Address:  35 Arnold Street, Allora  QLD  4362
Postal Address:  PO Box 47, Allora  QLD  4362
Telephone:  07 4666 3551
Fax No.:  07 4666 3351

Parish Phone No.:  07 4666 3377

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do catholic schools teach in  religious education lessons?
St Patrick’s Allora, as with all 31 schools in the Toowoomba Catholic Diocese, follows the Religious Education Curriculum.

  • Like all other subjects, the Religious Education curriculum was redesigned in recent years to align with the same inquiry based direction of learning developed in the new national curriculum.
  • The religious education curriculum, taught by St Patrick’s and other catholic schools in the Toowoomba Diocese, is based on the curriculum developed by the Brisbane Catholic Education Office.
  • This highly literacy based area of the curriculum accounts for 30 minutes of the teaching day. Lessons cover many themes such as Christian values, peaceful relationships and world religions.
  • Catholic schools start classes half an hour earlier each day to accommodate these very important lessons.
  • The aim of religious education is to help all students of all religious backgrounds to become better informed and capable of thinking seriously about religion, acquiring knowledge, attitudes, values and skills to navigate life.