Our School

Quality education and guaranteed success for your child


The goal to maintain high academic standards is an ongoing focus for St Patrick’s School. We value student learning and growth and continue to place a strong emphasis on quality teaching and learning in alignment with the Australian Curriculum. Student engagement is optimised through the integration of technology in the form of up to date, interactive learning devices in every classroom.  Our professional learning community of teachers and officers work collaboratively towards creating the ideal learning environment for every child.

A wide variety of social, spiritual, cultural and co-curricular programs are offered so that students can experience success outside the classroom as well. 

As a professional learning community, we are united in our mission of ensuring that the young people who graduate from St Patrick’s School are well equipped with academic, social and spiritual skills for their onward journey to high school and for their life ahead. 

Our Why!

1. It is all about the students! 

2. As teaching and learning professionals, our goal is to provide authentic, innovative and rigorous learning experiences where all children can succeed and grow.

3. Our Catholic faith is used as a lens to develop compassionate citizens of the world. It is one of invitation and our Christian story provides an identity which is totally inclusive.

4. Being distinctively Catholic boils down to how we treat people and each other. If we are truly distinctive then all students, staff and parents feel a sense that they belong, are valued and can be successful.